Publication Guidelines

1. First thing, no plagiarism as no duplicate content is accepted here.

2. Only original and unique articles which are not published anywhere else are accepted at

3. We will reject those articles which are already published at other websites irrespective of whether you own them or not.

 4. Articles should be above 400 words. Articles below this limit are not accepted in order to maintain quality on the blogs.

 5. We believe in quality rather than in quantity. So submit only high quality articles which provide great information to readers.

6. Articles must be submitted under correct main category. Any article submitted under wrong main category would get rejected or recategorized.

7. Articles should be written in proper English language. If your article is not in English language, then it will not be accepted at all.

8. Articles should be written in order to provide information to end users.

9. Image Usage Policy:

  • Not all types of images are allowed in your articles.
  • You are supposed to upload only those images which are either owned by you, or you have permissions to use under Public Usage licenses such as Creative Commons and GNU licenses, etc.
  • If you are uploading images from Google, your images will be removed and article containing such images would be rejected as you do not have rights to use those images unless allowed by owner of that image.
  • If you use images from other websites which you do not have the right to, you would be banned right away.
  • If an image being uploaded is owned by you then you must specify ownership of that image in an Image Source field. However if it comes out to be that an image is not owned by you or you do not have permissions to use that image, we will not only remove that image from your article but would also ban you from the site.
  • No copyright violations of any kind would be tolerated.
  • Correct source of an image must be specified in a Image Source field while uploading an image, otherwise we will reject your article. Images with empty source information would also be removed.
  • Only images related to your articles would be allowed.
  • Images that are too large would not get uploaded.

 10. Articles should be in proper grammar (at least 90% correct grammar) and no spelling mistakes should be there. Proofread your articles before submission to ensure that they are properly written and uses best of English grammar.

11. Please write a short description about your article in the TEASER field. The content added in this field must be different from that used in your full article.

12. We do not accept Guest Posts and Promotional Articles. So do not bother to submit them for review as they will be rejected at first sight.

13. No sexual, erotic, pornography, hatred, obscene, vulgar, violent content targeting individual, group, or organization. Articles containing such content will be rejected.

14. No copyright violations, infringement of other people rights, hacking, cracking, and illegal downloads of any kind allowed.

15. No paid to read, paid to surf, paid to search programs, get rich schemes, or related articles allowed.

16. No research papers, student essays, private label rights (PLR) etc. or related articles allowed.

17. Do not submit drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, beer, tobacco or weapons related content.

18. Do not submit casino or gambling related content.

19. Articles should be properly formatted and free of any hidden codes and tags.

20. References submitted along with the articles must be proper. Irrelevant references are not allowed. Reference could be the name of any website, book, newspaper, magazine or journal etc. that you took help from while writing article. Simply list the name and URL of that source in the post body.

21. Any article containing more than 3 links in the body section would be rejected. Secondly, all the links should be placed towards the bottom of an article. Any article containing links at the top or middle portion would be rejected.

We reserve rights to un-publish/edit/delete any content including articles, comments, wall posts, images etc. which violates any of our guidelines, rules, regulations and terms of usage agreement.
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