Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a blogging platform where you can earn money by writing articles.

What are the benefits of joining

By joining, you are eligible to earn money from your blogs using our program. Simply create an account, post articles, promote them and earn from them on pay per view basis.

What is the minimum length for an article to publish?

We do not accept articles below 400 words. We recommend writing longer articles so that they contain more valuable information. This limit ensures that our members are serious towards writing quality content, not just making money. If you can’t write articles of 400+ words on your blog(s) then we would suggest you to not to register with us with an aim of making money writing articles. However you can still register to avail other benefits.

How much do I earn from articles?

We can’t disclose an exact rate that you will be earning at. However we would like to tell you that it depends upon how many views your articles are generating and where your traffic is coming from. The more the visitors from search engines more will be the earnings. Similarly traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Australia and European countries will result in higher earnings. Kindly refrain from spamming using illegal or black hat traffic generation methods or you will be banned from the site and all your earnings will be forfeited.

Can I write on any topic?

No. You can write on only those topics which clearly follow our Writing Guidelines. We do not accept articles in language other than English. We do not accept any article which contains sexual/pornographic content, violent/hatred/obscene content, hacking/cracking related content, arms and weapons related content, drugs/pharmaceuticals related content, copyright material, PLR articles, study papers/essays, any content which targets an individual, group or an organization and/or any content which violates our Editorial guidelines in any manner.

How do I view all posts and articles from a specific user?

This is very simple. You can simply click on the author’s name on the post page.  This will bring you to all posts by that particular author.

What are payment modes supported by us?

We provide payment by Paypal.

How do I get more traffic to my articles from search engines?

Over the time, search engines have become smarter. So in order to better rank your articles in the search engines, you need to make your articles smarter as well.

  • Ensure that the article you write is full of high quality and related information.
  • Include all the relevant points and make your article as large as you can.
  • Articles containing 1200 or more words rank very high in search engines.
  • Provide information which is exclusive to your articles.
  • Ensure title of your article is short, precise, descriptive, and 100% related to your article.
  • Make proper use of keywords in your article.
  • Research for important keywords which are popular among readers and write more & more content on those keywords.
  • And most importantly write on topics which you believe are rare and very few people have written about yet.